Adventurer Package

Adventurer Package


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Part Number:OWPackage1
Part Number Description Qty
0840032003520A FAST TECH DRY S/BL BLACK 1
DR06 Dive Reel 150 FT String 1
AKWS289M-09 3mm Quantum Stretch Full Suit (MG) 1
NMS-BK Neoprene Mask Strap Black 1
60460-1 Open Water Diver eLearning (includes Processing fee) 1
AASPC Open Water - Instructor Session Only 1
B3808BK14 14, 3mm Trufit Titanium Zip Boot, Black 1
0710043520070A PROPULSION S M/L BLACK 1
1264 Low Profile Safety Whistle 1
SM4400LY Genesis RX Yellow 1
0950008000000A Surface Bouy 1
044925BLK-4009 5mm S-Flex Boot, Black - 09 1

Our amazing Adventurer Package is the perfect starter set for any new diver. 

It includes: 

Full Open Water Diver Course



Full Wetsuit 3mm



Mask Defog

Signal Whistle

Safety Tube

Line Reel

Diver Log

E-Learning Materials

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