Scout Me In - Be Prepared Package

Scout Me In - Be Prepared Package


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Part Number:Scout Me In - Be Prepared Package
Part Number Description Qty
212000C-00 SDI eLearning OW Online Code Only 1
210701-01 SDI Training Logbook 1
AASPC Open Water - Instructor Session Only 1
0750033003520A EXTREME BLACK 1
0710038520050A GP100 S S/M BLACK 1
S500B U-Pro Purge Snorkel, Black 1
5050020070055A TROPIC M 1

This is for active Scouts, Scouters, and approved non-profit youth groups only. 

This package includes everything in the Scout Me In - Basic Package and the following: 
Mask; Snorkel; Fins; Boots; Signal Whistle; Safety Tube; Diver Log


Basic Package Includes:

Includes: E-Learning; Instructor Session; Pool and Open Water Dives; Rental Gear - BC; Regulator; Weights

Personal Gear Not Included: Proper fitting mask, snorkel, fins and boots. 

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